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The Greater You

The Journey of Awakening

Who am I? What is my greater purpose? Where am I going? Why am I here? The answers to each of these questions lie dormant inside you. An awakened being discovers that love is the answer to all dilemmas of mankind.

The Greater You is a deep dive into the journey of awakening, which sheds light on these greatest questions of life.  Its intention is to energize your life and enable you to deliver your higher purpose.




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Love and Healing

A Guide To Emotional Wellness

Love and Healing is a guidebook intended to relieve emotional suffering. Dr. Clayton introduces “Inner Restorative Healing” as a proven method of accessing and practicing the ancient ways of sensory therapy. The activation of earth’s energy and power gets delivered to the emotional self and is intended to ignite a positive shift in your overall wellness.

Love and Healing is an inner journey of reprogramming your subconscious and harnessing the healing power of love. Love is changeful, it’s the most powerful agent of change in existence. These cultivated selections of self-healing methods assist you into alignment with your higher self, deepen your connection to your sacred heart, improve your ability to deliberately manifest, and help hardwire your access to the greater you. The methods you’ll be learning come from a combination of ancient healing techniques, philosophies, exercises, and New Age wisdom. Use this intuitive guidebook to choose your own combination of healing methods. Start moving through life in a bold new way!




The Greater You

The Greater You